The Top Five Shopping Areas in Bristol สล็อตเว็บตรง
Bristol is a fantastic city full of popular shopping areas. With so many great shopping options it’s hard to pick out the best. Here are five top areas for shopping in Bristol.

City Centre Shopping Area

The main attraction in the city shopping area is the World’s Fair weekend of 122 days in August 2007, conveniently only a 4 minute walk from the centre of Bristol. World’s Fair weekend is a great shopping event, with many long centre tenders, such as St. Enricarte Portlet, situated next to the Regency town centre. These tenders sell an array of arts and crafts, clothing and food, with many great cafés and restaurants nearby to cater for the crowds. World’s Fair weekend is also a great opportunity to pick up souvenirs and wonderful goods not available at other times of the year.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square has been one of Bristol’s most prominent shopping areas for many years, mainly due to its great shopping and entertainment, with many leading hotels and shopping centres in the areaDue to its popularity and the Notting Hill Carnival being held in the summer, Leicester Square is at the heart of Bristol City Centre’s Christmas shoppers area, so you’ll find many of the heavy jewellery and Watch boutiques; as well as numerous high street stores. The area is also home to the Shen Building, a major building development in the area due to its proximity to Isola Ave.

Charlestown Square

Charlestown Square is located off the High Street, and is a more boutique style shopping area. There is also an underground station for the Train station in the centre, making it very convenient place to live and shop. It was refurbished recently to add a boutique style look to it, with quirky items such as human rightssigns and badges. The area is home to many up scale clothing stores, and high street chains including Argos and Tescos.

Rotherham development

The newest development to be built in Bristol, It is the Rotherham development area, which will see three newfield developments start construction in early 2008, including a three story Damaces apartment block. The scheme will see at least 45 rental apartments replace 80 terraced homes in the nearby ‘Thames’ development. It will also include a three story technical equipment apartment block and will be located on the remotest part of Corn Street. Other amenities planned for the site include a multi-story car park and 300 internal car parking spaces.

Leicester Square Shopping Centre

Leicester Square shopping centre caters for all budgets and all tastes. There are four large shopping centres in the shopping centre, with over fifty stores and six small shopping areas. Leisure Centre, Liquorland, High Street and parking are all present and accounted for. Parking at the Square is free and shuttle services are available to and from the centre in around thirty minutes.


Colston’sables is Bristol’s oldest shopping centre, and is between Jewellery and Booksellers. The shopping centre is near the Jewellery Quarter and Saint’s Square, and is also close to the MacKenzie Square Shopping Centre. Colston’sables has a four storey car Parking, Car Wash and valet parking, and you can also enter from Brunswick Street.


Hampstead is a retail and leisure complex in Clifton, stalls and restaurants are on every corner, there are over thirty restaurants in Hampstead and near Chinatown. Luxury hotels as well as Coel’s are in close proximity. Taxi fares to and from the centre are available from all areas of Bristol city quite easily.

The Fly in Millenium

The Fly in Millenium is a leisure complex which was built on the site of an old flying saucer during the 1920s. During its building work, the Lloydminster Estates were used as studio apartments. The luxuries offered at the Fly in Millenium are two casinos complete with state of the art slot machines and hundreds of TV’s for your monies. To top everything off, there’s a three storey Hot Tub in the lounge.


blending styles from throughout the ages is one of the most popular things to do when staying in Bristol.Bangalowstands as a blend of history and modern convenience, boast some of the finest Real Boutique Stores in town, as well as a multi-kiosk food court. Every Monday night, there’s a stood up performance by a world class Calypso band – just in case anyone in the pub leaves town!


The newest luxury hotel in town, Babylon is set on the waterfront and offers all the modern comforts of a five star hotel, in a stunning setting directly on the Avon Gorge. The hotel is just 11 minutes from the Prague Pool and is connected to all major transport networks.


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